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The only real fullspectrum light is the sun. Sunlight, as experienced on earth, has a portion of the electromagnetic radiation of the sun. Compromising visible and invisible light. The term ‘full spectrum lighting’ should be seen as a marketing tool but not as selling a light with the spectrum of sunlight.

Photosensitive cells in our eyes are connected with different areas in our brains. These brain centers orchestrate most physiological and hormonal processes in our bodies, known as the circadian clock. The circadian clock is responsible for timing events to allow preparation for anticipated metabolic and physical activities. Playing a vital role in controlling sleep-wake cycles, hormonal and metabolic rhythms and synchronization between organs and between our body and the surrounding world.

The effect of light on these biological processes depends on its intensity, duration and spectrum. Furthermore, bright light rich in blue wavelengths (440-500 nm) is most important for optimal functioning of the circadian clock, but human beings are not aware of this light (unconscious light).

Unfortunately, human circadian thresholds exceed residential lighting levels (average 100 lux or less). Furthermore, aging of the human lens causes a progressive loss of light transmission, especially for the important blue light, leading to circadian light deficiency. Finally, for an optimal neurobiological functioning people need illuminances higher than 1000-3000 lux. However, in industrialized countries young adults receive just 20-120 minutes of daily light exceeding 1000 lux. For elderly it’s getting worse, especially when they institutionalized or admitted to a hospital.

In conclusion, western people suffer chronic circadian deficiency and disruption what’s getting worse by aging and/or institutionalization or hospitalization. Leading to metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, premature mortality, mood disorders and insomnia. Freshlight is a company developing innovative lights containing 98.2% of the wavelengths of sunlight in the spectrum of visible light (380-780 nm). This in combination with powerful negative ionizers with the production of at least 40 billion negative ions/cm3/second.

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