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Safe working in a clean room

Complete disinfection

FreshlightSolutions is a worldwide patented concept integrating three innovative products into a revolutionary system. The nanotechnology of titanium dioxide with the additional effect of negative ionization will have a great impact on your environmental cleanliness. Harmless, but very powerful radicals will decrease the microbial load and air particles in your company. This by strongly reducing the concentration of particulate matter (e.g. bio-aerosols, pollutants, odors) in the air and the decomposition of micro-organisms in the air and on surfaces in the environment.

Particles in the air get a negative charge and will be attracted to the grounded surfaces which are coated with TiO2. Creating a situation of continuously killing microorganisms and 24/7 cleaning of the environment. Moreover, due to the superhydrophilic property of TiO2 these coated surfaces are self-cleaning. Besides the decomposition of (an)organic dirt, water squeezes between particles attached to the surface and easily washed or rinsed off. Saving costs of detergents, sanitizers and increasing the efficacy of cleaning and sanitization.

While the powerful radicals disinfect and clean the environment the Full Spectrum Sunlight gives a bright illumination of your halls and rooms. Furthermore, by optimization of the neurobiological function it gives a positive health effect to your workers (e.g. vitality, alertness) and prevents sickness absence.

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  Managing Director
  Raymond Tromp

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  Vincent Tillemans